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We will be exhibiting our chamois leathesr products at Automechanica in Frankfurt on 12-17 september 2006. Visit us hall 10.0 D63

Our retail brand AutoChamois is expanding rapidly through the petrol-service stations.



About Zimeks

Zimeks Chamois Ltd are tanners of high quality leathers used throughout the leather industry.

The chamois leathers are produced from heavy New Zealand and English domestic sheepskins. Our leathers comply with BS 6715 water absorption standard of 620%, as tested by the British Leather Federation. The chamois are tanned by traditional methods using cod liver oil to give a high quality soft and natural feel to the product.

Supplied for car and window cleaning along with general use throughout the home.

Zimeks has been manufacturing chamois leathers for the last seven years and currently exports to both Europe and the USA. Our chamois are packed and cut to customers specifications (area cut and french cut) and available in the market place under our brand names of Gojo, Super Clean, Care 4 and Autochamois. We also manufacture excellent quality chamois pads and sponges to complement our car-care product range.

Our parent company, Zambak Leather, established in 1958, is a leading manufacturer of skiver leathers for book-binding, table tops, fancy leather goods and garment laminated leathers. Along with our fullskin nappas for garment manufacturing, all are supplied in a range of colours and finishes.

We have an annual tanning production of over 800,000 skins which are sold to customers worldwide.