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Chamois Leather

Genuine chamois leather is a unique and natural product. Selected sheepskins are 100% cod liver oil tanned to give the luxurious, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water.

Chamois leather can be cut to regular shapes, squares or whole skins.

Our production of chamois leather today remains faithful to the tried and tested methods, utilising modern techniques to ensure high quality performance that meets all international standards.

Today, our chamois leathers are made by tanning with pure cod liver oil. It is this natural product which makes the chamois leather absorbent, very soft and gives it its characteristic smell. Genuine chamois leathers have to be able to absorb at least four times their own weight in water as specified by the Chamois Standard CS 99. All our leathers satisfy this test.

Due to the fibrous structure of chamois leather, harmful grit and dirt can easily be taken in, reducing the risk of expensive scratches on your paint work.

Because the chamois leather has been tanned with pure cod liver oil, the ability to clean is tremendous. You will find that the dirt and grime on your car will stick to the chamois and not the metal and glass.

After the car has been washed, remove all washing materials by rinsing and use the chamois leather as the last operation. Excess water will easily be removed as will all remaining dirt. The result will be a clean, shining car.

  • Genuine chamois leather of the highest quality.
  • Large orders can be packaged using your own designed logo.
  • Multiple grades of chamois are available.
  • Leather whole skins, maximum size of 6 square feet, or we can cut to a specified size.
  • Can be dressed or non-dressed.
  • Whole skins also available in crust form.