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What is Skiver Leather ?

Pickled grains split from sheepskins chosen from the New Zealand and throughout the world are used to produce skiver leather. Skivers present a versatile and economical leather finish.

Nappa skivers are used extensively in the handbag and clothing industry where high fashion sheep grain is prized. The top half of the skin, the pickled grain, is tanned with vegetable extract into skiver leather. The inner half of the skin is tanned with cod liver oil into chamois leather.

We hand select pickled grains for the most discriminating skiver tanners as well as offering off-board crust skivers and finished leather produced exclusively to customer requirements. For bookbinding and table tops, skivers present a versatile and economical leather finish.

We produce skivers in a range of thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm and any desired degree of softness.

Depending on the final use they can be either fully chrome tanned, vegetable tanned or be given any special combination of chrome-vegetable-synthetic tanning.